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Applying for a Student visa聽 |聽 Student visa application checking service for applications made from within the UK聽 |聽 Entry at the UK border聽 |聽 Visitor visas聽 |聽 Inviting friends and family to visit聽 |聽 Visa refusals and administrative reviews聽 |聽 Biometric Residence Permits聽 |聽 Bringing dependants with you to the UK聽 |聽 Changes in circumstances聽 |聽 Working during your studies聽 |聽 Working after your studies聽 |聽 Up-to-date immigration news聽 |聽 Complying with the terms of your visa聽 |聽 Attendance monitoring聽 |聽 Requesting an absence聽 |聽 Updating your contact details聽 |聽 Our Student Responsibilities (Student visa) policy聽 |聽 Our CAS and Student Visa Sponsorship policy聽 聽聽
Our advice is regulated by the , an independent organisation that monitors immigration advice and services. We operate within the when giving immigration advice to international students. We are also guided by the and the .

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